Talent Partner: How we get started

Carl Anderson
2 min readNov 11, 2021

The first 90 days working with us;

First up, we conclude all the finer details of our working agreement, the nitty gritty.

From there, we get face to face with your key decision-makers to understand your company DNA. This time spent helps us understand your culture allowing us to get the fit right.

If the focus is on developers, we would like to chat to the teams creating the code, to interface and talk about how they do things on a daily basis and also understand from an engineering perspective what attracted them to join the organisation.

Creation of a recruiting framework. Our primary focus is making sure that every candidate that engages with us has an exceptional experience whether or not they are the right individual for the business.

We spend time in the market raising your employer brand and awareness around what you are doing.

We will need a few key things from your organisation to get things started;

A company email address

Current job requirements

Access to your social platforms for advertising

Your chosen internal tools such as Slack, Trello, Google Suite

Applicant Tracking System such as Bamboo, Greenhouse or Manatal

Open communication lines with department leads who are hiring

A weekly 30-minute sync

If this is useful to you or what you are trying to build, bookmark this post and get in touch when you are ready






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