Talent Partner: How it works

Carl Anderson
2 min readNov 5, 2021

Affordable, branded, tech recruiting.

Hiring great people (especially developers and techies) should be painless. Using recruiting agencies is costly and often inefficient. The largest tech firms have taken recruiting in-house. It’s time for a new and better solution. Talent Partner is a branded recruiting service that you can trust and afford. We deliver better tech talent by partnering with you to represent your brand in the tech job market.

What we do.

1. Branded, expert recruiting. Using your email, your logo. 2. Low fees with fixed pricing. Paid monthly and/or per hire. 3. End-to-end tech hiring. From your job brief to devs-in-seats.

How we do it.

We partner closely with your team and your hiring managers. Our engagement starts with a review of your “Why work for us?” pitch. We get to know your business and your culture. We create and monitor branded job marketing across all media (social, web and ads). Strong candidates respond better to branded recruiting. Our fee structure ensures that your time is not wasted on long shots. We rigorously screen applicants for job and cultural fit. You get transparent access to the hiring pipeline and all job applications.

Case study: Cape Town startup saved R165K (54%+ saving).

The CEO retained Talent Partner for 6 months (at a fixed cost per month and R25K per placement). We recruited two senior developers (+/- R85K salary). Talent Partner ran the hiring process and all candidate feedback. As an added benefit; we have raised brand awareness for the client as a preferred employer in the local market.



Carl Anderson

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